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2024 Ontario Speedway


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If you follow us on Facebook, you are already aware that there will NOT be any boat RACES this year, but we are planning on making a rip-roaring return in 2025.  We have joined the APBA (American Powerboat Association), and want to say THANK YOU to the many, many people that have offered kind words of support and encouragement.

After years of discussion and speculation, MINI JET SPRINTS have finally been approved at the recent annual APBA National meeting.  This means that in the future there will be a racing class for the smaller version of full-sized JET SPRINT BOATS.  We are still pretty new to this sport, but it is obvious that it needs a lower-cost, entry level class with one seat, and maybe a kids class too.  We have been trying to get something going for the last two years, and we finally have the attention of a group that can bless it and make it insurable, and by minis, we mean smaller, single seat boats that use hopped-up personal watercraft motors up to 300 horsepower.

Ontario Speedway is branching out from sprint boats in 2024.  When the track isn't full of water, it will be used on March 30 and November 9 for our two "Race the Maze" events that will allow racers with 4-wheelers and motorcycles a chance to race on the track.  We are also bringing back an Adventure/Obstacle event to the Treasure Valley, after they were all hammered out by Covid in 2020 and 2021, (Dirty Dash, Spartan and Tough Mudder.....the closest ones now are over 300 miles away). 


We are also running a really cool, special AHMRA Regional vintage motorcycle race in June.  This weekend will be all about classic, old dirt bikes competing in motocross, observed trials, and cross-country over two days. 


We are going to figure out how to get Ontario and the surrounding area fired up about Ontario Speedway, one way or another.  We want to add that the City of Ontario, and the Chamber are wonderful to work with. They want Ontario to be all that it can be, just like we do!

We look forward to seeing you this year at some of our events



Ron Dillon (208) 573-4255

Cherrada Haskins (208) 781-2258

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Ontario Speedway gives huge thanks to our Western States Cat Rental Store in Fruitland, Idaho.  They made our huge racetrack expansion project possible by helping us with the right equipment.  The Fruitland Cat Team was helpful and positive, and they were just a phone call away when we needed their advice and very responsive when we needed their help.  We can’t recommend the Fruitland Cat Rental Store enough.  A BIG thank you from all of us at Ontario Speedway.  See you at the races!

Fruitland The Cat Rental Store

6327 US-95, Fruitland, ID 83619
(208) 271-7292

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