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Ontario Speedway News & Updates

May 5, 2023
Argus Observer hosts our Father's Day Contest - Prize Giveaway

The Argus Observer is hosting the Ontario Speedway Father's Day giveaway.  It is easy and fun.  Simply post a great photo of your Dad and you are entered to win a great prize for Dad and his fans.  Click the graphic to go to Argus Contest.

Best Dad.png
Freddy Ortega.png

Best Dad Ever - Freddy Ortega, Jr.
See you at the race! 


March 28, 2023
Cliff Miller Band Set to Play at Oregon’s ONLY Sprint Boat Racing Facility

ONTARIO, Oregon – The former Ontario, Oregon Public Golf Course became Ontario Speedway in 2022, and is now home to a world-class sprint boat racing facility. The first race of 2023 is set for August 12-13 and an after-hours party on August 12, starting at 6pm, will feature a special performance by the Cliff Miller Band. Ontario Speedway Marketing Director, Cherrada Haskins explained, “While deciding on the live music for an exhilarating event of this nature, I knew that we had big shoes to fill for the end of the evening. Knowing the crowd will be entertained all day by the world's most extreme sport, I was in search of a band that truly PERFORMS. Cliff Miller and his band do just that–– they put on an elite show every time. They're always in sync with the crowd and each other. Not to mention, I believe that it is important to support local music.” Ronda Gibbons, Ontario Speedway General Manager, said, “Sprint boat racing is incredibly exciting to watch; the top tier boats put out over 1,400 horsepower and weigh less than 1,200 pounds; they are wild and exotic, with some of them costing over $100,000 to build. They accelerate from 0 to 100 mph instantly and can pull up to 5 g’s in the turns. This is as close to flying a fighter jet as most people can get, and the boats are tricky to drive, with crashes being common. The track has grassy, sloped berms on two sides which will offer elevated views of the racing, and people can bring chairs, umbrellas, and blankets to comfortably watch the action. The top-tier of the berm features pre-installed, 10x10 canopies that fans reserve for the entire weekend of group seating. “We manage this canopy installation to preserve the spectators viewing out over the track area. Stay tuned to our website ( for many more features being added to this year’s entertainment.” Gibbons added, “we know that the sprint boat races that were held near Marsing, Idaho 20 years ago, were extremely popular. We are looking for those fans, who were disappointed when the Marsing track closed in 2008 and are hungry to see this wild sport return to the Treasure Valley, and the Cliff Miller Band will ensure that this will be one of the coolest events of the summer.” For more information call general manager, Ronda Gibbons at (208) 800-2036. -end-

Feb 20, 2023
Ontario Speedway Supports Boys & Girls Club in the Treasure Valley

ONTARIO, Oregon - Ontario Speedway again hosts Boys and Girls Club Members with free admission to 2023 ASB Jet Boat Races, held in Ontario, Oregon.  The scheduled events will run the weekends of August 12-13, 2023, and September 30 - October 1, 2023.  Each event will feature lots of activities for kids in addition to the exciting jet boat racing.  General Manager, Ronda Gibbons, said, “Jet boat racing is one of the most exciting, motorized sports to watch; the boats can put out over 1,500 horsepower and weigh less than 1,200 pounds making them amazing and exotic, with some of them costing over $100,000 to build.  The racers demonstrate serious speed when they accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in a few seconds and can pull up to 5 g’s inside the track turns.  The track has grassy, sloped berms on three sides which offers a great view of the racing. Umbrellas and chairs are a MUST for comfort in the sun.  Ontario Speedway does offer rental canopies that are limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The Ontario Speedway kids' area is going to be tailored to hosting lots of activities and promises to be entertaining as well."    Marketing and Promotions Director, Cherrada Haskins, said "Ontario Speedway is focusing on bringing fun and exciting motorized family-friendly events to Ontario and the entire Treasure Valley community.  We look forward to creating lasting memories for kids of all ages.  Further announcements will be made as we complete the development and fine tuning of the kids' activities this season."   The event will feature overnight camping, food and beverage booths, and non-food vendors.  Ontario Speedway is hosting two of the four races that make up the 2023 ASB Sprint Boat Racing Series with the Series Finals being the September 30-October 1 weekend.  Ontario Speedway expects to host competitors from across the Pacific Northwest on both weekends. Contact: Cherrada Haskins Marketing & Promotions Director 208-781-2258

Groundbreaking ceremony for Ontario Speedway takes place at former golf course

Oct 20, 2021 Updated Nov 24, 2022

Jason Miller Argus Observer

ONTARIO — A groundbreaking ceremony took place on Tuesday morning for the Ontario Speedway, a sprint boat racing facility which is going to be constructed at Ontario's former municipal golf course.

City of Ontario Mayor Riley Hill and Community Development Director Dan Cummings were among local officials who attended, along with U.S. Jet Sprint Association President Chris Bowman and Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Breidenbach.

The total track area of the speedway will be 450-feet long by 350-feet wide, with a 15-foot wide, 30-inch deep track winding through that area. It will be surrounded on three sides by an 8-foot tall safety fence, and an 8- to 12-foot tall, 20-50 foot wide grassy berms for spectators...

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